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Our Innovative Technology

Robot of Things strongly delivers consultation, creative design, functional integration and full implementation services based on tailor-made semi-robotic and robotic automation systems to meet a wide range of purposes.

We highly focus on unique manual skills in manufacturing processes with high risk involved by introducing technology and innovation to transform work environment without harm to be safe and sound, based on the disciplines of quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety management.

Our capabilities are driven, strengthened, leveraged and delivered throughout the industrial companies by assisting with growth strategies, manufacturing and supply chain optimisation, and performance improvement programs, to create, grow and sustain strong economic, environment, society, and future.

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Visionaries. Problem Solvers. Innovators.

Robot of Things is a solution provider of cutting-edge technology and services, offering scalable solutions for companies of all sizes.

We are committed to develop and deliver the practical and effective solutions to mitigate risk and human error that lead to suffering loss of health and life.

We are specialised and experienced in innovation and industrial solutions related to artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, and Internet of Things.

We build our solutions by closely learning our potential clientele and their expectations.

We make every effort to limit operational risk that concern high precision, hazardous and precarious activities to be automated. Therefore, people will be working safely, happily and productively.

Get in touch today to learn more about the Robot of Things story.

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Past Event

August 23, 2018

Robot of Things was invited to NUradio Naresuan

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Past Event

August 21, 2018

Robot of Things achieved 3Rs and 3R+ Awards at Gold level from the Department of Industrial Works for clean technology development

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Past Event

August 18, 2018

Robot of Things made it to the second runner-up in AIROBIC2018

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Past Event

August 14, 2018

Robot of Things attracted angel fund from Delta Electronics Thailand

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Short-term ROI.

Easy. Fast. Safe.


Less Redundant.

Accurate & Reliable.

Effective Quality Control. 

Increased Capabilities.

Time & Energy Efficiency.

User & Environmental Friendly.

Resource Efficiency & Productivity.

Industrial Waste Reduction.

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